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term training is a nationally recoginised training orgainsation (RTO #32251) operating on the gold coast, in the south east of queensland.

Term Training focuses on quality outcomes along with a personal touch. Mark and Tylie strive to satisfy all students and employers whilst maintaining low course fees and quality training. Click here to contact us.

Training overview

  • elEctrical training

    The core business of Term Training is electrical training. Mark Widdison is a qualified electrician and contractor who is passionate about quality training.

  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy Testing

    As Term Training strives to deliver you with the best possible outcomes for any course you enrol into, it may be deemed necessary for you to complete a Literacy and Numeracy test either before enrolment, if you have expressed pre-identified learning concerns, or, at some time during the course if you are displaying difficulty with the content that is affecting your outcome. The administrative team or your trainer will advise you if this requirement becomes necessary.